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Meet the Photographer

Let me tell you about the moment,
when my passion for photography was born. It dates back to one of my first memories. As a curious child, I once stumbled upon a thick and interesting-looking cord, hanging down from the cupboard in the Livingroom. Without a second thought, I gave it a tug. I headbutted a Praktica and-
broke my nose that evening.

I like to think that's where it all started.


My name is Jim, a photographer based near Rotterdam. I'm passionate about photographing the wide range of subjects that life has to offer. Whether it's creating stunning portraits or documenting unforgettable moments at weddings and other events, armed with a diverse background and interests, enabling a creativite and intuitive photography style.


I began my journey with photography as a hobby back in 2003, then, in 2012 I decided to turn my passion into my profession. Over the years, I've worked with a variety of clients, ranging from photographing art canvasses to corporate event photography, weddings, portraits, to name a few. I'm always eager for new challenges to push my skills to the limit.

One of the things that sets my work apart is my ability to create vibrant, lively photos that capture the moment with precision and artistry. I mainly only use prime lenses. Although this means switching around lenses a lot, this approach makes the difference, especially in low light situations.

As for my style, although I have taught myself how to be the animated photographer, asking you to say cheese for a brief moment;  I'm not a big fan of forced poses or unnatural settings. Instead, I strive to capture people in their natural habitat, just as you would capture wildlife in its natural environment. My goal is to create images that are both beautiful and authentic, striving to capture the true essence of the moment.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me flying kites, making little bonsai wire trees, or reminiscing about my skateboarding days (even if I'm starting to feel a little too old for it at 36!).

As for inspiration, my father is by far the biggest one. Also being a photographer,, he inspired me to pursue this craft and has been an endless source of knowledge and support.


I'm excited to work with you and create lasting memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime!"


What Clients Are Saying

“De Buzinezzclub en Werkclub begeleiden kwetsbare jonge mensen op de arbeidsmarkt. Daar is soms ook veel schaamte en lang niet iedereen wil bij ons op de foto tijdens één van onze evenementen. Toch lukt het Jim telkens weer daar doorheen te prikken en onze ‘members’ op hun best te fotograferen. Na een jarenlange samenwerkingen weet ik dat ik daarop kan vertrouwen. Ik kan hem gewoon z’n gang laten gaan, wetende dat ik aan het einde van de opdracht een geweldige reeks foto’s heb die eigenlijk altijd de verwachting overtreft.”

Coen van der steen, Buzinezzclub

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